Wandering in the dark

Through the darkness I wander
on a stony path
thorns ripping my skin apart
bleeding in the soil
like little red footprints
following me
on the way I have choosen
barren by emotions
loaded with guilt
of things I have never done
climbing the hill of promises
I never gave
and shards of the dreams that broke
cut my bare feet

There is no light to see
no sign to follow
no bliss at the end of the way
and no home
endlessly walking in circles
only to back where I started from

no crown of thorns
no cross to carry
no shelter to give
only one way to go
blinded by my own ambitions
deafened by all the crying that echoes back off the walls
I build around me for protection
now keeping me in like a wild beast in a cage

carry the world on my shoulders
as a punishment for myself
not knowing
when my knees will bend
and my back will break
walking the desert of my own soul
trying to find my way out of the maze I locked myself

will there be hope?
another place to stay?
to light my fire
to sleep beside
in the safety of a place
I will once call home?


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