Three weeks

Three weeks
three times
three moments
sorced my soul
and set my heart on fire
burnt inside
tingled my skin
left me breathless
just a short glimpse at the light
and the sun shone
the moment came
my heart was gone
my mind started to wander
what could have been
what should have been
what came was unexpected
ringing bells
shook me
crushed me
torn me to pieces
never knew what I missed

Never forever
never it seems
as life is not a treat
and love is not a game
left behind these three moments
I carry them as precious inside
giving me shelter in the dark
keeping me warm inside
soothing the pain
when I carry these days in my heart.

I went blind these weeks
as I all I could see was your face
your smile
hearing your voice
relieving the anger
chasing the ghosts away
that haunt me
on the lonely path I call life
feeding me
tending my wounds
torn by the thorns inside

Maybe you feel different
maybe you think I am strange
but I will carry your image
until the day I will die
you will be waiting
at the end of darkness
saving me with the kiss of life

on my knees I fell
shouting my prayers to heaven
swearing to gods
I have never believed in
why they do this to me
to show me the days
and take them away
just another moment

when I woke
tears on my face
I still cannot stop hoping
that one day
another week
another day
another moment
maybe that time
I will be at home


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