Little Black Thing

Little black thing
talking and watching me
from the corner of the room
like a hideous ghost
like an ugly goon
like an awful memory
of worse days to come

Speaking in whispers
soulsplitting words
heartbreaking truths
of misleading lives
of painfull paths
of sinnful delights

Pushing me further
and further away
from where I was standing
into my hell
no mercy
no pity
sealing my heart
from memories within

I started longing
and started to hope
that one of these memories
would help me survive
easing the pain
and show me the way

Seeing your face
and breathing your scent
feeling at home
wherever I've bin
killing the whisper
stopping the pain
easing my memory
levelling it out

Thinking of you
is shedding a light
shrivvel the ghost
making a right
feeling your love
what endless delight.


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