Shooting star

when I slept
I had a dream
that I was flying
over the moon.

I have seen its back
an the happy face
embossed on the other side
that smiled to me
an winked when on my way.

I danced with the stars
and howled with the comets
circling their lonely paths
taking me far from home
and back again.

And when I was out there
I breathed the emptyness away
that stuck in my soul
caring about the whispering
and sights of stony planetoids
when I passed by.

in the void
I grabbed a falling star
happy singing
and put it right beside my heart.

When I woke today
I could still feel it tickling
giving me goosebumps all over
making my heart sing
smiling to myself
welcoming another day.


Was ist die Summe aus 5 und 6?