One more night

Sitting in the dark
zipping on a drink
feeling my life sink
on the bottom of a bottle
reading the future
in a small cookie
and the world is my carrusell
turning all around and never stops
no door to see
no exit for me.

feeling the smoke of another cigarette burning in my lungs
another last one
another step closer to the end
when all you have left is the fire of your lighter
trying to warm your inside.
when did I stop to hope
when did the flowers stop to smell
the unbeaten path I'ven taken
was nothing than running in circles....

tomorrow is another day
another life to live
another beat to take
another fall to break
no parachute no net no double floor
starting to doubt
an loosing my grip
I'm here but I don't know where I'll be tomorrow
let's get it done before it gets me
on my way to myself.


Was ist die Summe aus 5 und 2?