I am not the one
with whom you share your life
your mind, your thoughts, your bed

I am not the one
who opens the door
the help you out of the rain

I am not the one
who's breathing beside you
when you lie awake

I am not the one
who covers you at night
when you shiver
and caresses your head.

I am not the one
who can break your fall
maybe not even slowing it

I am the one
who will take your call in the middle of night
if you need someone to talk

I am the one
who holds his hand out for you to take
whenever you will need a hand

I am the one
that picks you up
when you lie shattered on the ground

When nothing and no one seems to help
will I be there
and will try to make you laught again
forgetting all the wounds and scars
that life bit into you

I will be there in the longest hour
in frost in rain
in ease and pain
and will not let you down again.


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